To make something great, whatever it is, on the first try, is nearly impossible. Instead, as we have all experienced over the course of our lives, iterations improve the end result. Feedback, especially in the current beta testing stage of Bootmark is essential. It is the lifeblood of improving this app. We are SO thankful for the amazing feedback that we have received so far from all of our users and this week's post is in part a tribute to the feedback we have received to date but also where this feedback is going.

Let's get real for a second. We know there are thousands of things in our daily lives that we don't control and that we also don't provide feedback on because we know it won't change a darn thing. Instead we stay silent and deal with it. That is not the case with us at Bootmark. This is precisely the time to have your say because it will shape where we are going - together. 

I remember my first few "crits" in architecture school and how heart-wrenching they were. I thought I had the absolute best design, the best way to solve the problem, and the best representation of the solution only to find that my professors disagreed and did so loudly in front of 45 others. Since my pride was in the way, I couldn't appreciate what they said in the form of criticism of the product - not me - to make it better next time. However, all I heard was how terrible I was. Evaluation and feedback is essential to growth which inherently lends itself to improvement. I use this story to illustrate that we at Bootmark thrive off of your feedback. We crave it and we know it is: 

  1. Not to be taken personally.
  2. Will benefit the entire product.
  3. Enhances our relationships with users.

So I'd like to share with you some of the awesome feedback we have received to date and to let you know that this Wednesday's team meeting was almost 100% dedicated to discussing the feedback we have received to date and how we are going to incorporate it. And let me tell you, we are going to be making some pretty amazing changes in the next few iterations that we are confident (because you told us) that you're going to love it. 

I think the “idea” of your app is really great, I just think you’ve missed the mark on making it innovative and different.
Usually in apps after I scroll down for a while and want to go back to the top, I press home and it scrolls me up super fast, might be good.
Your interface is very confusing.

These are the gems that drive us to actually make something innovative and useful. Something that stands out from the noisy app market and will actually allow you to engage with the places you already love or will come to love in new ways with Bootmark. So lastly, please keep it coming as you have a direct say on what we are delivering and soon you'll even be able to provide feedback directly from the app!

Scott Varga