2016: Gratefulness

Admittedly, it may seem a bit trite to write a blog post about the year 2016: Trump, Kanye and Kim, Justin (T & B), and closer to Edmonton home NDP, carbon tax and oil prices. But when we thought about it, we just had to, specifically with the intent to share our gratefulness for you, our loyal testers and suppliers of feedback.

2016 has certainly been a year of risks, adventures and learnings. In the space of Bootmark, we have realized that we have not shown enough behind-the-scenes (BTS) activities. We've talked about it but we haven't actualized this blog as an opportunity to be a looking glass to the reader. Our desire is that we make known our wins and our losses and that our writings can act as a tutorial for others. This being said, here are the first BTS photos taken from where this post is being written: Yellowhead Brewery - love this place.


So besides being grateful for beer, talented brewers, and friends, I want to share some of the Bootmark stats to date that have us pumped:

292 Bootmarks posted

35 Users

167 Photo posts

83 Text posts

10 Media posts

14 Highest karma on a single post

556 Karma given out

Avg 65 Linkedin blog views

14 Tyler Clark posts

Also, we are excited to announce a Christmas present: we are developing an Android version of Bootmark! We hope to have it out by Q2 of 2017 so that all of our friends can Bootmark. And here's an inside scoop on a couple other things we are working on. Soon you'll be able to see the distance to the post from where you are and there will be more functionality you have come to love in apps like tapping the photo to go fullscreen or hitting the home button to go back to the top of the feed.

Another thing that we are extremely grateful for is your feedback. Not everyone has liked Bootmark or fully understood it. When we have made changes we have heard about it and we appreciate it. The one thing I've got to say that I'm surprised we have not heard about is the redesign - multcoloured to purple. No one said a word... So let us know your thoughts. Also, filters aren't dead just yet. They have just been put on the back burner for the time being. So those of you that loved filters don't fret. And those that didn't see the point let us know what you think without them.

Finally, we want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. We hope to see some amazing posts of your holidays. See you next year kids!

Scott Varga