Here We Go

Whhhooooooaaaaaaa! So this image kind of explains how the team is feeling, the perfect combination of exhilaration, fear, appreciation, lack of air, and excitement as we are about to launch Bootmark. So really, the definition of a startup. 

Progressing past the emotional vulnerability, we should probably explain what the purpose of this blog really is. Rather than just proselytize you the reader, extolling all the fantastic technological virtues of Bootmark, we want to share our journey. As a team we appreciate process, therefore, we thought it would be best to regularly explain what we have been up to and what we are working on. On a weekly basis we will be providing a bit of an inside scoop on the development of Bootmark. It will be kept light and fresh but also transparent.

So let's get to it: Where are we at? Well, physically, we are all working away at Mike's house, reacting to the recent release of iOS 10 and what that means from a development perspective. It looks like we will have to rework a few things to make it all compatible. We are planning on releasing the Alpha version of Bootmark by the beginning of October. If you are interested in being an Alpha tester click here! We just confirmed today, that we will begin on the Android app development, so fear not all you Droid purists - you too will be part of Bootmark soon! 

From a business perspective, we are working through the details of User Agreements and Terms of Use. These are important documents (though admittedly dry reads) that protect both the user and Bootmark. They are standard these days with just about every application anyone uses. Think of them like the FBI Warning screen on old VHS videos - it helps you understand as the user what your rights are and what to do if you think something is in error. We have recently invested a bunch of time into our website to help explain (and help you explain to your friends) just what Bootmark is. We are proud of it and will continue to make it even better.

I've got to say, the Bootmark team has truly been enjoying the development and continual learning that has gone and will continue to go into this app. Our driving force is that we want to see social media become more relevant again and turn it more into a platform than just a simple app. Sometimes it feels like we have so many ideas that we place ourselves on our own roller coaster; however, as a bunch of creatives in a room, it's pretty inevitable so we are relatively comfortable with that territory. But what we are really focused on, as we admit our weaknesses, is ensuring that you have the best experience possible with Bootmark and engage your world in a new way.

Any feedback? Feel free to drop us a line at