Why is a driving question for us at Bootmark. And it isn't only solely about the "why" of Bootmark either. Why do we do what we do, whether it be professionally, socially, or otherwise, is a question that we personally often don't give enough time to reflect upon. Admittedly, we are in a similar position at Bootmark. Sure, we have found gaps in traditional social media. We have realized that technology doesn't sync up with the way we flow through our mobile devices as seamlessly as we would like; however, those are only aspects of the symptoms of our technologically "progressing" society that we live in. It isn't actually the "why" of the issue yet. 

The "why" of Bootmark that we started from was, why do we have so many applications (apps) that do so little individually? We asked the question of, how do we change this phenomenon of single-purpose apps into becoming an integrated platform? What would it look like if an app was so robust you didn't need another?  How can an app not only positively support the merging of our digital lives with our physical lives; but actually make them easier?

Yet, that is only where we are beginning. The "why" that we have started from is only where we have started from. In the next post, we want to explore where you want this application to go and what you think are the gaps of social media, the internet, and digital community that we were all told we would achieve by logging on.

Scott Varga