Transparency can be a tricky process in any part of life; but an especially sensitive one for a startup. How much do you share with that new contact at the gallery opening? How do you ensure you don't give away all your creative ideas that are totally worth at least a million bucks each!? 

The image in this post is of the building 20 Fenchurch in London (recently renamed to Sky Garden) and has been nicknamed "The Walkie-Talkie" because of it's unique profile. Why did I post this image as an illustration of how Bootmark is embracing transparency as a company? Well, Sky Garden was actually the winner of the 2015 Ugliest Building award, the Carbuncle Cup, in the United Kingdom. Carbuncle by definition refers to a boil or a sore an abscess, probably not the descriptions the architect tried to portray in their client presentation! Sky Garden portrays transparency in this context as I am telling you the reader right now that, we at Bootmark are going to mess something up along the way. And we are cool with that. But we're going to own the mistakes, tell you about them, and ask for your feedback on how to improve your experience. We are also going to share with you how we are making Bootmark and ultimately how we are changing Bootmark.

For example, here is our first logo we created:

bootmark logo.jpg

Definitely not an award winning logo, but it was a start. And we're kind of proud to look back at it and think of how we were first interested in displaying our app as an explorer's tool. Secondly, we're proud of where we are going and the refinement we have achieved to date. 

So stay posted to this blog as we begin to post more candid photos and video of our progress and mess-ups along the way. We are also going to increase the engagement side in the near future as well. It's fun to share open and honestly about how this crazy world of startups can go. There is definitely no formula which means we get to make it up as we go. And to us, that is what make's a project like Bootmark so worthwhile. We know we don't benefit from keeping the sweat and tears private, rather by opening up and being transparent, we get to engage with our users in more meaningful ways with the intent to build a more refined app where our story is known nearly as much as the app itself.

Accountability is one of my favourite attributes of transparency because it refers to a relationship. Relationships are precisely what Bootmark is striving to improve. We want people to fall in love with the places they experience either once in a lifetime or everyday. And the whole point is to share the emotion of these experiences in ways that transcends typical social media. So whether it is a place or a person, or Bootmark in general, our goal is to enhance relationships and achieve that in an accountable and open way. 

Come join us on this shared journey. 

Scott Varga