App Updates

Hey Bootmarkers! Just wanted to let you know about some key new updates to the app that we think you’ll find useful as you go and explore the world.

  • Swipe right to left on a post in the news feed to see where it was posted. This effective feature allows you to become a virtual tourist exploring that specific Bootmark as well as the other Bootmarks around it.

  • Tap a photo in the news feed to go to fullscreen. Simple but important when you want to check out the awesome graphic design on the beer label in the photo.

  • Distance, in kilometers, has been added to the post relative to your current position. This allows you to understand at a glance things that are going on nearby.

We are feverishly working to continue to develop functionality that users expect from their social media while continuing to embed progressive ideas into Bootmark to make it not only practical but captivating. Like always, we want to hear from you about ways to make Bootmark as amazing as possible. So please hit us up at and don’t forget to to tell your friends to check out for all the details.

Scott Varga