Bootmark at DemoCamp 36

During our alpha stage, the dev team suggested we go to Edmonton's DemoCamp to get some real time feedback on the app while practicing our presentation skills. We all thought it was an awesome idea so we signed up and let me tell you, Cody and Dave killed it.

In case you aren't aware, DemoCamp is a seven minute, no-slides-allowed presentation format where creatives of all types showcase what they are working on to like-minded people. Our experience was super positive and highly recommend anyone, with any sort of creative digital project, to go and do something similar. I know we will be back.

Beyond the fact that Cody and Dave were competent presenters and ambassadors of Bootmark, it was cool to hear audience members use the term Bootmark as a verb - it started to sound normal which gave us confidence. The questions were informed and engaged and the guys were able to explain "why" or "why not" tactfully while the business team in surreptitiously observed the crowd (no, not at all, we looked like proud parents at a soccer game with our phones pointed to the front of the room capturing every minute for post-prez analysis).

What this allowed us to do was see things through a customer's lens and understand what needs improvement and why. Further, we all gained instant understanding of where our explanation or pitch needs improvement. Now we can directly target those soft spots because we presented in a supportive environment so we will be polished when we present in a tougher environment.

Presenting, or even just attending, something like a DemoCamp, or whatever your city's dev community calls it is definitely worth your time. Plus there is usually beer and food afterwards. Bonus!

Scott Varga