Features for next version:
- square photos
- search tab map features fully developed

Version 2.2
- minor bug fixes
- tap for full screen photos on newsfeed
- swipe or tap on location name to view newsfeed post on map

Version 2.1
- distance added to posts on newsfeed
- press home button to return to top of newsfeed
- ability to view other users' profiles
- ability to follow other users
- "Forgot Password" button added to login
- past activity feed on profile

Version 2.0
- content filters removed
- main filters refined to "New", "Hot" and "Closest"
- upvote/downvote buttons updated
- search map graphics updated
- "Send Feedback" tab added
- ability to comment on posts added

Version 1.3
- basic profile
- upvote/downvote fixes
- photo stretching fixed
- text post redesign

Version 1.25
- create new account
- newsfeed content filtering (photos, website links, video links, text posts, newest vs. most popular, global vs. local)
- upvoting and downvoting of posts
- ability to report offensive content
- search tab map displays most recent 15 posts
- return to current location button in search and post tabs
- ability to post photos, website links, video links and text posts
- naming of location of post
- logout of app